We’ve closed a seed round of funding for Knowledge Officer!

We started working on Knowledge Officer about a year ago, with a dream to change the way professionals discover knowledge and learn online. Now, we are taking this dream to the next level!

We’re super excited to share some big news today. We’ve closed a seed round of £600K led by Abdullah Al-Shaheen (a famous Kuwaiti investor and the ambassador of the Tahya Misr Fund) and with the participation of Ian Hurlock-Jones! We are also glad to have the support of world-class advisors: Osman Ahmed Osman; Head of Product Systems Engineering at QuoraMohammad Badrah; Director of Software Engineering at Flipp and Jeffrey Ng; Chief Scientist at Founders Factory. We are so thrilled to have such an amazing group of angel investors and advisors whose support would be invaluable in the next stage of growing the team and searching for a product-market fit.

We’ve bootstrapped the product for the past year and now we have a much more solid understanding of the problem of learning in today’s hectic world as well as what the top pressing challenges facing professionals while learning online are. We carry huge hopes that Knowledge Officer will be the product that helps you answer “What shall I learn today?”. Do you want to be a successful founder, or an expert in product management? Maybe you want to grow in your career as a software engineer, or become a master growth marketeer? We bring you all that and much more….

You don’t know what you don’t know!

There are gaps in our knowledge, but often we don’t even know what these gaps are. We don’t know what knowledge we’re missing.

We see how the world of today is shifting into discovery and recommendations more than just search. You open Netflix and watch recommended films. You do the same with Spotify to listen to the best relevant music. Even with Amazon, people are discovering items that they even did not know they want to buy! That’s why we want our product to serve the future of recommendation and discovery in education and learning!

With a mission to organize the world’s knowledge and add context to content, we launched our new concept to build personalized learning paths, to help people reach their career goals.

Check our website and iOS app now and stay tuned for more updates and news about Knowledge Officer on TwitterFacebook & LinkedIn.

We’re very excited to have been featured MenaBytesWamdaUKTNand EU-Startups so make sure to check them out!

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