Startup Insiders: What the heck is an MVP or Traction!

This is the 5th episode of Startup Insiders where we share the experiences and challenges we face while building Knowledge Officer. Hope you find these lessons interesting and useful for YOUR journey.

This week we are talking about the MVP stage.

Now you have done your research and talked to as many of your target audiences as possible. It might be the right time to start building an MVP to test those hypotheses that you have in mind and see if your intended results can become realized in actual outcome.

This is what we are talking about in this episode:

  • What’s an MVP and how to build one.
  • What’s Traction and how to go about validating your MVP.
  • What’s a solid Traction for a fundraising stage.


Please listen to the full episode and share your feedback. If you enjoyed it, please give us your star review and comments on iTunes.

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