Are you Ready for your First Job?

While recruitment platforms, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) & AI solutions are playing a great role featuring jobs posts, helping employers spread the word about their needs, and increasing their chances of getting almost instant matches, it’s still getting harder for employers to reach the right candidates at the right time. It’s even harder for them to verify the candidates’ job match and have a solid understanding of their skills and knowledge. What’s even worse, from the applicants’ side, it’s getting harder to understand how to build up the right skills, prepare for their dream jobs, and showcase their profiles to the world’s top companies.

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At Knowledge Officer, we’re here to help both sides of the market (employers and candidates)! We have reverted the learning model upside down. We take pride in having built a career-oriented learning platform where we start with the actual market skill demand and create the best learning curricula to help candidates meet those demands. And, with the few thousand job posts that we process daily and the close to 35,000 market-driven skills that we track and analyze, there is a lot we can do to help employers get the right people and help people get the right jobs.

Are you a student or a fresh graduate and trying to get your first job in tech? Are you applying for Engineering, Business or Product related roles? Are you tired of applying everywhere without getting any replies or feedback to improve?

At Knowledge Officer, we measure our success by how many people we help fulfill their career goals. We are currently beta testing a specific solution for employment with a focus on candidates first. Simply, fill out this form, and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

During the call, we will give you a free consultation and we will recommend to you the best jobs that match your skills. And, most importantly, we will help you understand the skills that you’re missing and the best route for you to bridge your skills gap. We will give you access to a new learning experience that is fully optimized and centered around the career goal you have set for yourself! And it will be no jargon, no click-bait & no distractions! You will enjoy a learning experience that is as focused, practical & collaborative as ever.

Fill in the form, and we promise that, in less than 3 months, we will help you prepare, confidently apply, and hopefully land your first job!

Apply now!

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