The Curious Case of Data-Driven Learning

Most companies would agree on the need for developing their teams, all the way from top management executives to the most junior newly-hired employees. A lot of research has highlighted the effect of lack of individual growth and clarity about career paths on the turnover of teams and their loyalty to their companies’ brands.

Different companies employ different solutions to fulfil this need and evade its negative effect. Some offer employees set monthly/yearly budgets to enrol in online courses or purchase books, some send their teams to conferences and learning events, some bring instructors to deliver training on their companies’ premises, and some share and exchange knowledge internally.

The list of companies’ initiatives in this respect is endless. While we believe that these are all great efforts, they lack a fundamental component of any successful learning initiative– namely, proving the outcome of learning and its overall impact on the individual and the company.

How can companies use DATA to prove the efficacy of their chosen learning platform?

That’s what we have tried to change at Knowledge Officer where we use data at scale to analyze each company’s unique set of skills, underpin their own specific skills gaps, and drive effective learning strategies personalized to their needs. Not only do we offer personalized learning paths to help the companies bridge their skills gaps, but we also track the effectiveness of their learning on the closure of the identified skills gaps.

Let’s take Alex as an example:

Alex is a product manager working at XYZ in London. He has one year of experience working in products and is still looking for ways to learn new skills and increase the depth of his knowledge.

© Knowledge Officer

We look at a snapshot of the current skill set of Alex and compare it to the skills he should have to excel in his role, based on insights from other product managers at XYZ and data from other tech companies that employ product managers.

Alex receives a recommendation for a personalized learning path on Knowledge Officer, based on this analysis of his current skills and his skills gap. Another product manager at the same company, Tom, receives a completely different learning path, given the difference in their background and level of experience.

© Knowledge Officer

With every step of learning progress on the platform, we update Alex’s skill profile and share it with his managers as well as identify the skill areas where he still needs more development. We assess Alex’s skills using authentic challenges that are designed and verified by a group of senior product managers and are enriched through the statistical analysis of the results of all the product managers who have taken them earlier.

© Knowledge Officer

Each day, with more data coming to our machine learning models from the users of XYZ company and other companies as well as the thousands of users that go through our learning paths, we discover more patterns and see how all these individuals interact with the learning content and how it affects their skills curves. All this helps us develop the shortest and most efficient paths to career progression and prove them with data!

Please get in touch if you want to receive your company’s report and see how we can help you bridge these skills gaps within your team. Whether you are up-skilling a junior employee, on-boarding new team members, helping someone transfer from one team to another, or giving your top management an advanced path to grow exponentially to cope with the company’s growth, we’ve got you covered!

This content was originally published on LinkedIn on June 20, 2019.

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