Using Learning as a Competitive Advantage

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In the past, learning was presented as a tool to help people acquire some knowledge or skills. In the present, learning has become a necessity to stay relevant. At Knowledge Officer, we believe that, in the future, learning will be the only weapon to stay competitive! 

This belief is based on years of research in this field and data that we have collected over time that correlate companies’ success to the skills of their employees and their learning culture. And that’s why we built the learning experience at Knowledge Officer with the goal of helping companies grow and retain a competitive workforce! 

While most L&D platforms are still on a race to add more content, gamify the learning experience, and share learning analytics with companies, we are busy with the challenge of giving companies a dynamic playbook for growth and a route to outgrow their competitors, bearing in mind that this playbook should be evergreen by design and adaptive to market and industry changes.

© Knowledge Officer

Imagine how powerful it will be to look at data that correlates your competitors’ success with specific skill sets in their teams and, accordingly, discover a way to leverage this data to inform your learning strategy and upskill your team. How fascinating will it be to have a means by which you can scale your individual team members at a rate that matches the hyper-growth your company is witnessing? How amazing will it be for your management to receive learning recommendations that change as their skillset changes compared to the needs of the company at this point in time?

We are talking here about creating a unique asset of intellectual property (IP) for each company– an asset that grows as the company grows. We are talking about People! And because people are the best way to stay competitive, we believe that effective learning strategies that help people develop in a unique and exponential way are the way to go!

© Knowledge Officer

Stay tuned for more interesting updates! And get in touch if you want to receive your company’s report and see how we can help you bridge these skills gaps within your team. Whether you are up-skilling a junior employee, on-boarding new team members, helping someone transfer from one team to another, or giving your top management an advanced path to grow exponentially to cope with your company’s growth, we’ve got you covered!

We are soon releasing the UK Fintech Skills report in an attempt to identify the skills DNA of those companies and prove our theory about the importance of applying data-driven learning to support companies’ supersonic growth!

Drawing on data points from millions of job posts and employee profiles, the report offers an in-depth analysis of the 10 fastest growing FinTech companies in the UK, including Transferwise, Monzo, GoCardless, and Revolut among others. It looks at the most important job titles and skills in the market and compares them with the teams behind these successful FinTech companies. Topics covered include: 

  1. What are the most in-demand skills in the UK FinTech industry?
  2. Where are the largest skills gaps?
  3. What is the effect of disruptive digital technologies on job skills and how can employees best attain new skills to keep up with the fast pace of change?
  4. How can comparing the most in-demand skills with employees’ current skills serve to benchmark the health of a company’s workforce? 

Register your interest in this form to be the first to receive the earliest drafts!

This content was originally published on LinkedIn on July 11, 2019.

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