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Lying at the intersection point between technology, business, and user experience (UX),product managers are the CEOs of the product. They oversee the discovery of what customers want, the design and development of the customer solution, the implementation of its go-to-market strategy, and the measurement of its performance in the market.

With an average annual base pay of $126,658 according to Glassdoor.com and a job growth outlook of 8-10% in the next ten years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, product management ranks high as one of the most demanding jobs in tech that do not require a programming degree.

If you are sure about pursuing a product management career and like bootcamp style learning but are not sure if Knowledge Officer’s Pro plan has what you are looking for, this article is for you. We sat down with Ahmed El Agha, one of Knowledge Officer’s Pro learners, who has succeeded in landing five job offers for PM roles with our partner companies, to understand from him what it takes to be a KO Pro learner and whether the experience is overall worth it. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: Can you tell us how an average week in the bootcamp works for you? Like, if I’m gonna say one week in the life of a bootcamper?

A: So, it’s pretty intense…Every week, we have assigned reading that we do online, then we have an assignment that we should submit by the end of the week. Then, we have check-ins like calls with our mentors, our assigned mentors, so that’s the average week.

Q: And how much time do you spend on the reading on average per week?

A: I’d say, it depends on the week. Sometimes, I’m more consistent than other times of the month, but, maybe, on average, like 3-4 hours of reading.

Q: How much time do you spend on the assignments per week on average?

A: Assignments…It depends also on the assignment, but also maybe 3 hours or 2 hours.

Q: Do you think that your commitment level in your online courses, the ones that you used to have on your own, is the same as your commitment level when you are in Knowledge Officer’s bootcamp?

A: I think it’s different because you have someone who is following up with you, you have things to submit, you have mentors who check in on your work, so it encourages you to follow up more and be more consistent with the work, as opposed to just taking a course by yourself online and having no one to follow up with.

Q: What is the number one thing that you like about this bootcamp?

A: The number one thing I like is being exposed to the industry through a lot of different ways, like having access to the mentors, speaking with them, asking them whatever questions I may have, and then getting the opportunity to have some actual experience in the industry, like as in an internship, so we had exposure and networking with people in the industry, and that is very useful.

Q: And one very last question, Ahmed, if there’s someone who is a young graduate out there who wants to become a product manager, what would be your advice to them?

A: I’ll say that product management isn’t, like…..There isn’t, like, one set way of approaching product management. Lots of people may have different approaches. Product management roles in different companies may differ greatly in terms of their roles and scope of what they work on, so there’s no one right answer to everything. It’s about, like, having a set of tools that you think about for any problem that you’re approaching, and there is this toolbox to solve any problem you may face.

With Knowledge Officer Pro, Ahmed El Agha has succeeded in landing six job interviews for PM roles in six of our partner companies. From these six, he received five offers, one of which he has accepted and is currently enjoying. With Knowledge Officer Pro, Ahmed El Agha has moved smoothly from a career in UX/UI design into getting his first paid internship role in product management.

This could be you too! If you’re interested in pursuing a career in product management but do not know how to start, where to go, or cannot find the time, with a commitment of ten hours weekly max, our product management KO Pro plan is guaranteed to give you both the theoretical knowledge and the experiential exposure that you need to excel in the role.

We’ll help you with self-paced online learning, online sessions by the field’s top experts, weekly hands-on projects and assignments, bi-weekly mentor check-ins, and bi-monthly mock interviews with PM experts from the industry’s big names such as Amazon, Google, Onfido, and Maersk. Book your seat now at http://bit.ly/KO-PMbootcamp or visit our website at https://knowledgeofficer.com/pro.

Wish you the best learning!

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